A few kilometers of sandy tracks and here we finally are, facing this incredible landscape, the Lompoul desert. Nested at the feet of the dunes, the new tents harmoniously blend into the scenery.its distinct orange sand sets it apart from other deserts.

Nearby, on a little dune, the restaurant offers a one-of-a-kind panoramic view. There, rich and varied meals are served.

Many activities are available.

130 km from st louis to some wires across the Atlantic Ocean, the desert of Lompoul often gives the visitor a preview big Mauritanians deserts. Only to Senegal, it offers the living picture of his beautiful sand dunes thin to tons ochre energy from red to survey on foot or on the back of dromedary.
At the present time, it has become a tourist destination appraisal very because of the establishment of many campings well

Lompoul overnight trip


175 km from dakar city
3 hours 30 minutes drive

Trip includes

Pick up from your lodging with a good car and tour guide camp and foods camel ride


Price per person $320 or €260- 2-3 person prices- $250 or 215-each person
More people Contact us please better deal

  • Senegal
  • English, French, Espagnol



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