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Best Service

Working with a travel agent can help take the stress out of travel. We will work on your project until it suits you perfectly.

Trust & safety

You can book cruises and excursions directly with us. If you want to book a complete vacation on sites, Trip Tour Senegal allows you to plan all the details of the sites.

Best quality price report

We understand that you expect a lot from your next trip: a rich and varied program and first class services for a reasonable price.

the quality of our services

whatever the price, we favor the quality of our services so that our travels meet your expectations...

Best price guarantee

We propose several formulas adapted to your budget and your requirements of comfort...

Fast booking

If you do not have a clear idea of your trip, we will give you all the information about the choice of sites and tours, as well as the best times to visit Senegal and Gambia.

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