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Trip tour senegal is local service guiding, offers tours Senegal and gambia.

My name is Mika Guisse I am native senegalis
With over 12 years experience of guiding and knowledge I really want to share my experience and my knowledge to you I speak English french wolof fulany, we can get you other languages I have team workers Please check our services guiding days and nights trips

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I am always traveling

I love traveling and I know Senegal deeply: three foreign languages allow me to broaden my horizons and serve as a guide. The cultural angle of my work is very important for me.


I am very curious and this is essential to do the job of tour guide. In this way it is possible to understand and discover what art with all its messages wants to disseminate.

Customer Management

The tour guide profession has several aspects: it consists first of all in taking charge of a group of tourists and ensuring the organization and the smooth running of their trip and their visits.

Trip Tour Senegal

We ensure a small profit margin so that our travels are more affordable, while ensuring that our team is paid correctly (guides, drivers, ...).

DIscover Senegal and Gambia

We are available, dynamic, organized and passionate. We all know the sites around us. Choose us as a guide and we will make you discover senegal and gambia. Satisfaction is guaranteed

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We accompany you from A to Z, from the development of your project until the end of your holidays. You will thus benefit from a complete support to travel in all serenity.


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